Do You Feel Scared, when You Are Speaking English in Front of People?

Remove your worries. And learn how to communicate properly in any environment.




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Certificates - Globally Recognized Course
Curriculum - Best in The Industry
Hands-On Practice
Confidence Building
Classes - 6 Days in A Week
60-Minute Class

Who Can Join This Course

Who Can Join This Course

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Why You Should Choose Us for Your Communication Helper

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Communication Helper
The Expert from The Business Field

We have experts from the industry. Those who have real-time experience with business communication. They have acquired these skills from doing, not by learning.

Continuous Feedback

We will provide you with continuous feedback. We will check how you are doing each day.

Personalize Focus

Our experts will focus on creating a perfect personalized learning path for each student. So we can check every one of our students.

Curriculum Designed for Learning

Our syllabus is designed to push your limits and encourages students.

Learn from The Beginning

We will make sure that you should start learning from the beginning, So you do not have to know everything.

Learning Groups

We will make sure that you should have your learning group. And our expert will be their to guide you.

Do You Think Speaking in Front of People Is Hard, Learn from Us and Be the Motivation for Others?

What Our Clients Say


Learning was enjoyable. I am now able to express myself clearly. But most importantly, now I have the confidence to speak clearly. Thank you.

John Doe
Business Communication
Testimonials 1

Now I am fully confident. But a few days ago, I was a total Hindi speaker. But now I am able to speak and can speak to other people. I know my English is not good today also. But now I see a place where I can go and practice daily. Thank you, Sir.

Jessica Smith
Business Communication

Getting insights from actual business people and learning from the industry is the best of the BCS Course. Every Class is amazing. Mr. Gaus is very good at motivating me to speak and make a lot of mistakes. Thanks for all the lessons and tips.

Steve Rogers
Business Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take admission in this course?

This course is for people who want to speak confidently infront of people but have a fear of expressing themselves in business settings, like students, teachers, professionals, salespeople, etc.

What is the total duration of the course?

This course will be only for 3 months—Monday to Saturday, six days a week.

Will there will be a certificate after the completion of this course?

Yes, there is a certificate. All the students who will complete this course get the certification.

What is the minimum educational qualification to join this course?

Any person who has a little bit of knowledge of English. Then that person can join the course.

What is the fee for this course?

This course fee is INR 9990 + 18% GST.

Mode of the course?

The online and offline course.

Course Fee

99994999/ 3 Months

  • + 18% GST

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