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Career Counselling

Career counseling is about providing the best career guidance to make sure whatever you choose and it should be best for you. Career choice is the most crucial aspect when you are an adult. 

Imagine you are working at your office and thinking about how miserable you are. You do not have the flexibility of work, no proper work schedule, and no family time because of your current job. 

Your work gives you stress, anxiety, headache, frustration, loss of sleep, family issues, etc. You want your job/work should be more accessible and straightforward. Then you need help with your decision regarding your career.

Career counseling is the most important and underrated topic in the world. The right decision at the right time can save you from going through a hard time.

In India, parents want their kids to choose only a few careers like engineering, medical, or IAS. Regardless of what their kids want. They never ask their kids their choice or interest. And this makes their kids fail. And even if they do not fail, they will suffer after some time.

Career counseling will ensure that you or your kid makes a better decision for your career. Career counseling sessions with a counselor will make sure that you get the best advice for your better future.

Career counseling sessions will ensure that you can make a better decision after the assessment.

Many parents, schools, colleges, and universities now understand the importance of career counseling and how one student’s decision can make a huge difference.

Importance of Career Counselling

Looking at your computer desk or just doing your job if you think this is not what you are supposed to do right now. Or in the morning, you are thinking about not going to work, which means you have chosen the wrong career.

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Here are some of the reasons that you should take career counselling


It will help you to choose the right career before its too late.


Save you spending your half-life working at the wrong job.


Career counselling will help you to be successful in your career.


You will have interest in your job.


You will know your strengths and weaknesses.


You will choose a career that matches your personality and ability.


Provide you a blueprint to follow your right career.

Our Experience

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How You Can Ask for Help

Asking for help sometimes can be very hectic. So we made a straightforward process. You can book an online and offline session at any time, and you can book a session regardless of time zone.


What Clients Are Saying

"I was in college and thinking about doing a job in MNC. But after Mr. Sarfaraj gave me the advice to start my own graphic designing company. I was very hesitant. But I followed the advice, and today I am successful. Thank you"

Daniel Johnson

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“I do not know about others, but I am very sure that behind my parent's heart change is the advice of Mr. Sarfaraj. Now they are open about my career options. They are encouraging me to explore many fields. Thank you”

Julia Michele

"The best advice for me is to start my youtube channel. Now I am running my vlog successfully. Thank you so much for that advice."


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“You were like a savior sent by God. Found my love in writing. Thank you”


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."
Steve Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Career counseling is like a guided lesson to make sure that you make the right decisions for your career by assessing your likes and dislikes, skills, personality, situation, and ability. It will help you understand your career prospect and provide a detailed guide to get help from it.

We will assess your situation, make a detailed report, and present some of your best career options. We will guide you through this whole process and present you with the best choices for you.

We have a straightforward answer to this question. Before, you spent many years studying the things you do not like, work you do not want to do, spend money on useless courses. Our detailed assessment and result will make sure you choose the right career.

Any person who thinks they are not where they have to be. But this is mainly for students, professionals, those who think of starting a new venture, girls, and anyone who cannot make the decision.

We do not charge a lot. It totally depends on how many sessions you want.

We will take multiple tests and interviews to assess the person’s personality.

Our test will be in the 2 languages – 1. Hindi 2. English

Achieve Your Career Goals with Our Expert Support.

Experience the Power of Expert Career Counseling And make an informed decision. – Try Us Out Today.

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