How to Get a Digital Marketing Internship?

How to Get a Digital Marketing Internship 1

Internships are a very crucial aspect of the professional life of a student as well as a fresher. Internship in any organization demands benefits between the two parties, i.e. intern and the organization. The internship is the best way or the only way to experience a professional environment closely. Internships can also help students earn money and experience while engaging in academic processes. Some of the internships will be – HR, Digital Marketing Internships, Content Writing, Assistant, Graphic Designer, and many more.

Coming to Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the currently growing digital era of digitalization. A digital marketing internship is the fastest way to reach your desired audience and make an impact even before stepping in as a profession. Digital marketing jobs provide a lucrative career option, and many also pay very high.

Here are a few things to look for to land you up in a digital marketing internship and might even help you secure a digital marketing job later on:

1: Building a website

If you haven’t thought about building a website yet, start considering making your website. Recruiters nowadays ask for your LinkedIn profile or the URL of your website. In recent years this has increased as many applicants come for the position with their websites. As the tools are free and easy to learn, it becomes an excellent push for freshers to get that edge with a website of their own.

Many drag-and-drop tools help you create your website but may not lend you a UX job. But it will help you showcase your personality and also your capability. Taking this one step above, try implementing your website’s Google Analytics and search console. This will give detailed insight into who is using your website, and the recruiters love this kind of initiative.

2: Create content

Now, this is one of the easiest and yet trickiest parts. But it can be mastered in digital marketing internship content creation has its charm. You can write short, attractive pieces if you are a good writer, which will help secure your internship. We would suggest you make your passion into your portfolio. Try writing, ensure they are SEO friendly, add a good number of keywords, and use organic keywords. Put these contents up on your website, and analyze the traffic. They don’t require much time and effort but will help you secure an internship and a digital marketing job.

3: Network and network

It’s straightforward to work alone, and it’s what many of us are used to. But when we say that networking is vital not to secure a digital marketing internship but also a job. On average, recruiters receive about 250-300 applications each month for a position. And they spend less than a minute scanning that application. Hence, a recommendation from someone who is already a part of the organization or some other helps push the person forward in the run.

For a college student, try contacting your alumni and asking your professors for their previous students’ contact details. Use LinkedIn to its fullest. This will help you secure your recommendation and keep you up to date about the happenings inside the organization or in the market as a whole.

4: Ask for feedback

No matter what you are working on, always present it to someone, ask for their feedback and work on it. When you are in the race to find a job or internship, if your resume gets rejected, don’t feel broken; instead, follow it up and ask for their feedback as to why it was left; most recruiters do send back feedback if requested, note them down and improve on it. It is the only way to move ahead in a competitive market like that of digital marketing.

5: Keep your skills up to date

The digital world is changing rapidly, and it is overwhelming even to comprehend everything happening. But as a job seeker, it is your responsibility to at least be up-to-date with the recent updates and what’s new in your field. What features have been added, when was the latest update, and which famous system uses what version? And accordingly, adapt your skills. This small step will help you a lot on the ground.

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